THE UTEP WEIGHT ROOM ADDITION was added to the original school natatorium to provide the weight room and exercise space for students. The original swimming pool and fitness center had to be constructed a few years before but demand for more space resulted in the weight room addition. Robert Navarro and Associates Engineering Inc. provided the design of the original swimming pool and fitness facility for the University of Texas at El Paso campus. The structure consisted of long span steel trusses across the open space at the swimming pool portion, which contained an Olympic size pool, a practice pool and a diving pool. The height of the structure was sufficient, for the high diving activities and provided a large open space for public viewing. The exterior wall were reinforced CMU with a stone veneer and provided the shear wall requirements for the building in both directions. A portion of the building has lower roofs than the pool areas and is framed with steel joists and beams supported on concrete columns. The lower portion provides the space for the administration offices, lockers and for the original weight room area. The weight room addition provided the space for the expanded the weight room and exercise space.

  • Robert Navarro & Associates Engineering, Inc.
  • 124 W. Castellano Drive, Suite 201, El Paso, TX 79912