THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO LIBRARY with the architectural firm of Garland and Hilles is a prominent structure in the UTEP campus, which reflects the Bhutanese style of the campus in a large building. The building which occupies a prominent site in the campus consists of a four story library and meeting room facility with a special rare books penthouse. The structure is comprised of a cast-in-place concrete structure, utilizing a six foot pan joist and same-depth concrete beams. The concrete joists and concrete beams together with the concrete columns provide the lateral frame resistance for lateral wind and seismic forces. The foundation consisted of spread footings extending to bear on rock, which is typical throughout the campus. The structure features a three story atrium in the center of the building, with the fourth floor and penthouse supported on long-span concrete girders spanning across the open atrium space below. Integral-colored, precast concrete, battered wall panels make up the exterior walls of the facility and reflect the design of the rest of the campus.

  • Robert Navarro & Associates Engineering, Inc.
  • 124 W. Castellano Drive, Suite 201, El Paso, TX 79912