THE TEXAS PIEDRAS BRIDGE REHABILITATION project accomplished the upgrading of a 40 year old bridge, which was experiencing continuing deterioration from the corrosion process in the reinforcing steel. The bridge condition reached a critical point when portions of concrete began to spall off the bridge bents and dropping to the ground. The city of El Paso, the owner of the bridge commissioned a condition survey and study to rehabilitate the bridge structure. The railway crosses the city from east to west, through the center of the downtown area and extends east for several miles. The bridge is a critical facility because it is the only railway crossing for several miles along the railway route. The majority of the substantial repair was required to be performed, without removing traffic from the bridge. The design of the repairs allowed repairs to be performed on a sequential basis so as to maintain the capacity of the bridge, while repairs continued. The rehabilitation of the bridge was considered very successful and the merchants on both sides of the bridge were very thankful that the bridge could be repaired without affecting their business.

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