THE UTEP SUN BOWL PRESS BOX was added to the original Sun Bowl stadium structure to provide access for the press to cover university and community high school football games. The press box is located on the original two story enclosed spectator housing at the top of the west stadium structure. The press box also extends for the full width of the two story viewing area or about 150 feet so it is also used as a viewing area for dignitaries and guests. It also contains spectator rooms for fans who purchase season tickets for the spectator rooms. The press box addition required the design of a system that the roof of the existing enclosed viewing structure could support. The roof of the enclosed viewing area became the floor of the new press box and lightweight concrete wall panels provided the exterior walls and a certain number of interior walls to serve as the shear walls for the long and narrow structure. The construction of the press box required special construction techniques because the back of the stadium is constructed tight up against the rock-outcrop at the rear of the stadium.

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