THE SENATOR KAY BAILEY HUCTCHINSON DESALINATION PLANT is the first large scale in-land desalination plant to be constructed in the United States. The plant was constructed on Government property and was a joint public/military project with Fort Bliss, Texas. The 28 million gallon per day water treatment plant consisted of several components, including concrete tanks, a series of pump stations and a building facility, which houses the xxx filter systems, which processes the water to a drinking water quality. The facility was designed to work in conjunction with water wells in the city of El Paso and on Fort Bliss property. The facility was designed to accept modifications, upgrades and expansion as the desalination process is refined and the amount of water treated is increased. In addition, a pipe line and pumping facilities were designed to transport the desalination residue to a discharge and disposal site 22 miles from the plant site.

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