FRED HERVEY WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT ADDITION consisted of several components to expand the treatment capacity of the original plant and subsequent expansions. The structures for the original wastewater treatment plant facilities and earlier expansions were designed by Robert Navarro and Associates, Engineering Inc. The waste water treatment facility treats water to a drinking water level and then pumps the water into the aquifer several hundred feet below the plant for future harvesting. The plant addition consists of two large cast-in-place concrete clarifiers, a xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx. The soils at the plant site, which very near to the river channel are very loose, with the water table only about four to eight feet below grade, depending on the time of the year. Extensive soil improvement was required in order to provide adequate bearing for the structures. Structures were designed to bear at about existing nominal grade levels to 30 feet below grade. The components were designed to be separated by a series of expansion joints to preclude the possibility of damage from differential settlement. A number of the structures added under the plant addition were designed to be placed immediately adjacent to existing structures.

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