FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL on the west side of El Paso was a large full high school campus for about 3000 students, including multiple classroom buildings, a library, ada men's and women's gymnasium, a theater, and cafeteria. Several structural systems were utilized. The classroom buildings were all two story construction with exterior, load-bearing CMU walls and structural steel framing on the interiors. Most of the buildings resist the design lateral loads from wind and seismic forces through the use of horizontal diaphragms at the roof and floor and utilized CMU shear walls where they were available. The roofs of the two gymnasiums consisted of structural steel scissor trusses allowing for clear story construction, which provided natural lighting for the gymnasiums. The library and the cafeteria utilized sloping roofs to a peak at the center point of the roof and utilized a horizontal compression ring on the exterior of the buildings. No interior columns were used at the library and cafeteria. The school facility received an award from the AIA for its design.

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