Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (2003 – 2006)

This phase of the Texas Tech Medical School El Paso Branch will consist of a six story 143,000 sq. ft. building constructed using a cast-in-place concrete frame with veneer masonry (limestone, cast stone and brick with CMU back-up walls) will house class rooms, laboratories, faculty and staff offices, a library and associated academic services support spaces.

El Paso Health Research Facility (2002 – 2005)

The El Paso Health Research Facility is four-story, 108,930 square foot medical research building that is the first building to be constructed for the El Paso Branch of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The project is designed as a fast track project with the structural frame released for bidding and construction six months ahead of the Architectural and MEP portions of the project. The structural system for the building consists of a cast-in-place concrete frame supported on concrete piers. The building structure will support a veneer masonry facade made up of brick, cast stone and limestone and CMU back up walls. Do to the sub-grade soils and the proximity of the Union Pacific main lines and the types of laboratories housed in the building special consideration and attention was given to vibration damping in the design of the structure.

Texas Tech University Outpatient Clinic 3rd Floor Expansion (2000-2004)

This project involved the structural design required to support modifications to the existing building to add a 43,259 sq. ft. third floor of the existing two-story building to accommodate a new auditorium/lecture hall, offices and storage space, including a new elevator and modifications to the mechanical systems serving the building. The existing building is located in a very congested site and had to remain in operation during the construction of the addition.

  • Robert Navarro & Associates Engineering, Inc.
  • 124 W. Castellano Drive, Suite 201, El Paso, TX 79912