This momument at the El Paso International Airport was designed as a result of consultation with the City of El Paso Twelve Travelers organization, during the design of the statue armature. The Twelve Travelers organization appointed by the City Council of El Paso has commissioned several historical statues to be located at various points around the city. "The Equestrian" is by far the largest and most dramatic structure erected to date. The pose and orientation required a heavy foundation design, due to the large wind and seismic forces, which are created by the statue's large configuration. Our firm designed a base/foundation, which supports the over 40 foot high statue at a prominent location in a viewing area near the entrance the El Paso International Airport. The reactions required a large foundation with heavy uplift forces on the anchoring system.

  • Robert Navarro & Associates Engineering, Inc.
  • 124 W. Castellano Drive, Suite 201, El Paso, TX 79912