CHAPIN HIGH SCHOOL is a large 3500 student school complex in northeast El Paso, and includes all of the typical high school facilities. The project utilizes exposed-face concrete masonry block units, integrally colored to provide a finish on the exterior. The school consists of the main classroom building, two gymnasium facilities, administrative areas, library, and cafeteria. The building structure consists of steel framed systems, which primarily use the CMU walls to resist lateral seismic and wind loads. The long span areas are framed with long span joists and trusses to create the roof configuration desired by the Architects. The large school facility has a capacity for approximately 3000 students. The building is located on the northeast side of the city and serves the growing population at Fort Bliss. The school is adjacent to the Patriot Freeway and Dyer Street.

  • Robert Navarro & Associates Engineering, Inc.
  • 124 W. Castellano Drive, Suite 201, El Paso, TX 79912